Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clear, unbiased information on what is happening in Libya.

With an unmatched network, Libya Desk is equipped with more information and more common sense than what is otherwise accessible on the market today. We strive to serve our clients in navigating Libya’s complex political and socioeconomic landscape by providing objective consultation and reliable information on Libya.

Our Services

Our evidence-based reports and consultations shine a spotlight on Libya’s mosaic landscape.

We have achieved a particular edge when it comes to analysing & forecasting developments in domestic politics, international relations, armed conflict and tribal networks. Whether you are a private individual, a corporate entity or a governmental body, Libya Desk can help you make sense of what is going on in Libya.


1. Libya Desk MEMOS

A free monthly newsletter with a limited overview of key developments from our sources on the ground. Suitable for small organisations and individuals who are not operational in Libya. Find out more or subscribe here.

2. Libya Desk ESSENTIAL

A paid weekly round-up of political developments, armed conflict, international community and breaking news. Suitable for organisations and individuals who cover Libya and want to keep up with the news cycle. Find out more or subscribe here.


A comprehensive paid subscription that includes Libya Desk ESSENTIAL plus a monthly a report with in-depth analysis on Politics, Armed Conflict, International Community, and Tribal Networks in Libya.

Suitable for organisations and individuals who cover Libya and require in-depth, evidence-based research to support their operational objectives. Find out more or subscribe here.


Private consultations, advisory, walk-in briefings, team training sessions, fact-checking and due diligence on specific operational challenges or projects.

Suitable for organisations and individuals who have extensive operations in Libya and require tailored research and continued access to the Libya Desk team to fulfil their operational objectives. Get in touch for a free consultation.