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The UN-recognised GNA and its Unholy Alliances

Libya Desk wants to bringing urgent notice to an issue that is being grossly overlooked by national and international observers alike. In spite of its “peaceful state” being advertised by foreign actors to the rest of Libya and the world, western Libya is a geography where the strong rule over the weak and where militias have institutionalised corruption schemes.

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Analysis: Italy, Libya and the Ghost of Antonino di San Giuliano

The relationship between Italy and Libya has always been an erratic one, dating back to the early 1900s when Antonino Paternò-Castello di San Giuliano, Italy’s hawkish Foreign Minister, attempted to annex the North African country during the Turco-Italian War. In the context of the Libyan National Army’s offensive on Tripoli, Libya Desk analyses what went wrong between Italy and Libya, and where things currently stand.

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Analysis: What went wrong in Libya

The recent days have seen a dramatic escalation of violence in Libya. Unfortunately, the majority of risks threatening the Libyan political solution forecasted by Libya Desk in our first Political Risk Dossier have been realised. In the uncertain aftermath of Khalifa Haftar’s offensive, we review the main predictions from the first Political Risk Dossier.

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