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The Proxy War in Libya: Part 1, The Triad

Libya Desk presents the first installment of a three-part investigation piece entitled “The Proxy War in Libya”. Part 1 looks at the strategic geopolitical alliance between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt to fight off political Islam movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah — the so-called “Triad”.

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Analysis: What went wrong in Libya

The recent days have seen a dramatic escalation of violence in Libya. Unfortunately, the majority of risks threatening the Libyan political solution forecasted by Libya Desk in our first Political Risk Dossier have been realised. In the uncertain aftermath of Khalifa Haftar’s offensive, we review the main predictions from the first Political Risk Dossier.

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US, Haftar and the Chronic Case of Fake News in Libya

Information has been circulating on social media since Thursday, April 4th regarding the United States’ position towards the Libyan National Army operation to seize Tripoli named “Flood of Dignity” and orchestrated by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. A reliable US government source familiar with the matter spoke to Libya Desk to clarify what the US has said to Haftar on April 4th and on April 5th.

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