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The battle for Tripoli and its impact on oil markets

Intense fighting has not yet impacted Libya’s oil output or exports. However, a protracted conflict could well make the North African country the kingpin for global oil prices. In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding Haftar’s “Flood of Dignity” military offensive on Tripoli, Libya Desk examines the impact of the current escalation of conflict in Libya on the the Oil & Gas industry.

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Political Risk Dossier, Issue #1 - Summary
  • Libyan National Army (LNA) has a reinforced military structure and newly gained territory; Khalifa Haftar positions his troops in the country’s centre in preparation for a Sirte offensive, with eyes set on Tripoli

  • Libya Desk anticipates the take over of Sirte by Haftar before Ramadan this May, peacefully entering Tripoli with assistance from two of the four major militias controlling it (pp. 3-4)

  • Major changes expected to take place at the National Oil Corporation (NOC) following allegations of conflict of interest against Mustafa Sanalla. The incoming Chief plans to carry out a full review (p. 4)

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