The Libya Desk Promise.

Libya Desk was founded to offer undiluted access to information across the Libyan political spectrum. We believe that, in order to nurture productive political dialogue and return Libya towards the path of economic growth, all foreign and domestic actors in Libya should have access to the same level of objective, unbiased information.

We recognise that there is a problem of ethics and integrity in the biased, information-saturated media landscape that exists around Libya at the present day. Thus, by adhering to the highest standards of research and ascribing to solid principles of trust and integrity, Libya Desk aims to become the most reliable source of information and consultation on politics in Libya for both domestic and international actors.

The Libya Desk Promise is:

  1. That Libya Desk shall at no time be influenced by personal agendas or by any one interest, group, tribe, or faction;

  2. That Libya Desk shall preserve its neutrality, ethics, and integrity at all times;

  3. That Libya Desk shall supply unbiased research and consultation services to researchers, diplomats, analysts, reporters, academics and to businesses, governments, institutions, and private individuals that cover Libya with whom Libya Desk has or may have contracts;

  4. That no effort shall be spared to expand, develop, and adapt the services of Libya Desk so as to achieve its mission of becoming the most reliable source of information on Libyan politics and development.