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Unbiased analysis & credible forecasts on Libya.

Objective analysis & credible forecasts on Libya

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The Libya Desk Difference

Libya Desk is a specialist Political Risk Consultancy that makes sense of the political, regulatory, social, tribal and security environments in Libya.

We deliver evidence-based reports, real-time updates and confidential consultations to inform and support our clients’ strategic decision-making in the country.

The Libya Desk Difference stems from our intimate knowledge of domestic politics, our nuanced understanding of Libya’s socioeconomic dynamics and our unmatched network on the ground.

Evidence-based reports to inform and support our clients’ strategic decision-making in Libya

Evidence-based analysis on politics in Libya

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The Libya Desk Promise

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Our mission is to provide clear, unbiased information on what is happening in Libya.

We recognise that there is a problem of ethics and integrity in the biased, information-saturated media landscape that exists around Libya at the present day.

By adhering to the highest standards of evidence-based research and ascribing to solid principles of trust and integrity, Libya Desk aims to become the most reliable source of information and consultation on Libya’s political and socioeconomic activity.

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What is going on in Libya?

When describing the current state of Libya, the term “complex” just doesn’t cut it.

Two governments, two parliaments, tribal factions, independent militia, co-ordinated media misinformation campaigns, competing domestic and international agendas — all this is just a fraction of the many dimensions of the country’s mosaic state.

As such, it comes as no surprise that NGOs, IGOs, consultants, Embassies and even local authorities are struggling to keep up with ongoing developments. This is where Libya Desk comes in.

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